Website networks, what are they and why do I need one?

July 11, 2017 by Todd Helvik in Website Networks

Website Networks

What is a website network?

Website networks are a collection of websites with a common purpose or goal that generally can’t be achieved by having only one website.

What or who are they typically best suited for?

The short answer is anyone but the low hanging fruit for website networks are multi-member, multi-location and multi-area companies. A multi-member example would be something like a mortgage company with a collection of employees working under one umbrella but operating as individual business owners throughout different areas, niches, etc. all responsible for driving their own business. Multi-location companies include everything from a small chiropractic shop with 5 locations to restaurants with 100 locations or even franchises with 1,000+ locations.

A multi-area business is where things open up as many businesses fit into this category; a business with one physical location that services many additional areas. Being in Phoenix, AZ we see this a lot. A company is located in Phoenix but services Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, Scottsdale, etc. This is very difficult as a business owner to be relevant online in each of those local markets without a physical location so the result of that is business owners trying things like making area specific pages, fake locations in Google, etc. which is less than optimal. The solution to this problem: Website Networks.

How do they work?

Website networks work by creating a custom website(s) tailored to your business, building in editable elements or shortcodes as we call them, and utilizing our architecture to manage and build these websites in as little as 30 seconds giving you broad opportunities with minimal work. Our website network architecture is a masterful example of taking something extremely complex and simplifying it through automation and technology.

Ok, so how will that help my company?

We’re going to touch on a few of the biggest advantages of website networks as well as posting follow up blogs that explain each of these, as well as others, in greater detail.

1. Traffic

The sheer size increase will dramatically increase your website traffic right out of the gate not to mention all the additional new geos you’ll be relevant in where you weren’t before. As an example, you have a corporate website with say 20 pages of content and 250 members/locations. We’ll take that website, integrate relevant geo information throughout each and every page and build out 250 customized websites. Your digital footprint has now expanded from 20 pages to 5,000 pages which can’t be ignored from a numbers perspective, but the additional consumer reach is what’s more exciting.

2. Branding/Customization

Working off the same example above, you now have 250 additional new websites that each of your reps/locations can now custom tailor to their area/niche, all managed through our top-down infrastructure giving you the control needed to maintain brand consistency with unlimited customization potential, no technology expertise required.

3. Content Distribution

Ready to post relevant content from a centralized dashboard to your 5, 100 or 1000 website network and have that content tailored as if it was written by each of the website owners themselves? Solve the problem of stale blog posting, out-dated information and lack of continuous internal link building to strengthen your individual, as well as overall online presence and relevance in search engines. The art is consistency and this platform enables you to do that in a big way with minimal effort.

4. Content Consistency

Seems like a no-brainer for any large brands but when business owners are left to their own devices or not monitored consistently which is a heavy drain on re$ources, thematic brand messaging falls by the wayside and can be detrimental for all involved. Have piece-of-mind knowing your content will be updated centrally in real-time so all your reps/locations will follow all the latest guidelines and messaging, keeping you in control of your brand.

5. Social Content Automation

Social media isn’t going away and we’re a big believer in building likes and followers rather than relying heavily on a lead strategy that can be there one day and gone the next. Brand advocates “like” you or your brand and while they may not be buying today, they certainly will one day and our social content automation makes sure you’re staying in front of them often so you intersect and stay top of mind when that buying decision occurs. The key here which is a recurring theme, is consistency. We handle this consistency on a global level allowing you to focus on growing your social audience which turns this into a simple numbers game.

If you have A.D.D. like me, the information above is a pretty long read in this 140 character era we live in so we appreciate you making it this far and promise more information will be coming soon on this overall topic as well as individual posts that will explore each of these above in greater detail.

Can’t wait til then? Contact us and let’s start talking about your project today!

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