Coming Soon: Spoon, CRM automation done right and in bulk

August 16, 2017 by Todd Helvik in Automation, CRM

Spoon CRM by 8blocks

Why are we building our own CRM?

For us it’s very simple; our websites & especially website networks require much of what traditional CRMs like Salesforce & SugarCRM provide but done in bulk, automated and simplified along with a few other things we’ll get to below.

It starts with trimming the fat

If you’ve ever worked in a CRM you know exactly what we’re talking about. Spoon’s user interface is going to focus on leads and leads only. If it’s a contact it’s a lead. We care about nurturing those leads and our interface reflects that in its simplicity.

You will have a leads screen, allowing for easy import, social connections, website form integrations and manual importing. From there you will have an automation tab allowing both email and text campaigns to be created with pre-defined, professional templates & campaigns for both, making it a breeze to setup, no training required. After that you can assign your leads individually or in bulk, to the corresponding campaigns and that’s it.

The Trick isnt adding stuff, its taking away

Wordpress Integration

Our CRM comes out of the box with an open API as well as seamless Wordpress integration. You will be able to install our Wordpress plugin, create your first form and connect it to your Spoon dashboard in minutes. On top of that integration we will also be providing social content automation. What that means is you can connect your Wordpress, or any other RSS feed for that matter, directly to your Spoon dashboard via our social connections so any content posted to those feeds will appear automatically on any or all of your social properties, pretty sweet eh?

CRM Reporting & Automation

Reporting is a pivotal piece to any CRM and we intend on making your reports automated and detailed so you’re always in the know as to who’s being notified, when and with what messaging so nothing falls through the cracks. On top of that, our algorithms will take it a step further to make sure YOU aren’t dropping the ball when it comes to notifying your leads, updating/adding lead details and much more because abandoning leads is bad business and Spoon is here to curb that behavior.

Website Network Capabilities

For our current and future network customers, you should be very excited to know that you will now have the ability to setup your 20 or 1000 person organization with their own custom CRM in minutes, manage campaigns and even upload contacts in bulk to be distributed to any specific user all with their own login. We don’t believe in doing anything one-off so this CRM, just like the rest of our products here at 8blocks, is built to scale through intelligent automation.

Free Beta Group Signup

Spoon should be ready for beta by the end of September so now is the time for interested users to get on the list to be the first notified when Spoon v1 is ready. If you think yourself or organization would be a good fit for Spoon then all you have to do is fill out this quick form and we’ll get your invite sent once Spoon is ready to roll. Thanks again for reading and we look forward to replacing your current CRM!

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