Just Launched: Responsive Mortgage Calculators Plugin for Wordpress

October 25, 2018 by Todd Helvik in Lenderd, Wordpress Plugin

Mortgage Calculators Wordpress Plugin

We’re happy to announce that our mortgage calculator plugin for Wordpress has been launched and is available today for FREE from the Wordpress repository or directly from the Admin->Plugins section of your Wordpress website.

A Better Mortgage Calculator

If you’re in the mortgage space you’ve probably seen a hundred different versions of mortgage calculators, all ranging from copy/paste widgets to unresponsive calculators that you can only show on a desktop version of your website. Our goal in building these calculators was to provide a free resource for the everyday loan officer or mortgage team to easily implement into their website, quickly brand the calculators so it looks as though you’ve built them yourselves and make sure it was responsive so no matter the device, your prospects enjoy a seamless experience.

Mortgage Calculators WP

Lead Generation

Where we go beyond the typical mortgage calculators is providing the ability for you to generate leads. This is done very simply and effectively. Should the user decide to have their results emailed to them, we fire off an automatic email, tailored with a custom message from you along with their desired results and you receive a notification about a new calculation being processed. You can immediately follow up with this lead or have it connected to your crm to be added to your database in general or a specific drip campaign.

Premium Version Available

Beyond the standard Free calculator provided, we also offer a premium version which starts at a very minimal $20/year and provides you with 2 additional calculators(FHA & VA) along with our premium support and updates. We intend on adding additional calculators shortly as well so all our premium subscribers will soon have a library of calculation tools that will surely be a hit with your customers and may even provide you with a few leads you wouldn’t otherwise have by users traditional mortgage calculators. Oh, and these look way sharper as well 🙂

Product Support
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